Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part IX

Appointment day with an awesome Chinese physiotherapist/chiropractor in the morning. He was the only person who was able to finally fix my bro's bad knee which had been injured and unable to heal for years. We just went for a regular check up session where he checked if all of our joints are in proper places. By the time we finish, we were craving for some traditional Taiwanese food. The physiotherapist recommended a good vegetarian place close by.

Entrance (the doors are perfectly straight, I moved when I took the pic and it turned out all distorted)




Side Dishes

Curry Rice


Fried Bean Curds

Pickled Veggie

Soup (I think this might have come with the curry rice)

Thick Soup (there's a few variations to the thick soup, with rice, with noodle or just the soup)


You gotta love these traditional Taiwanese food places, so cheap and such good food! Everything is pretty much under 2 dollar Canadian. Ahhh.. I miss Taiwan...

Saw a large grasshopper when we got home. Sitting right on the sidewalk outside of the apartment door.


hope it found its way home.

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