Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part XII (Part I)

Finally have time to get this post up. I have uploaded all the pics almost two weeks ago but have been too busy to get back to it. So Day 12 in Taipei, Taiwan, woke up to some traditional breakfast :)

Fried bread stick

Soy milk

Half of a clay oven roll

With egg and fried bread stick wrapped inside

For lunch, we made plans to try out at this very special restaurant in the rural area in Taipei. If you're interested in finding out more about it, here it's the website -

It's all vegetarian and it's like a 10 course meal made from seasonal ingredients. It's 1000NT per person when we went, which is about 30 something dollars CDN. Also if it's your birthday month and you go with two of your friends, you get your meal for free. It's such a good deal and the food is just wonderful.


The restaurant is converted from an old contry side garage/storage

Inside entrance

Two stories

It's been too long I really don't remember the order of the dishes anymore, so I just have all the pictures up.




Grilled/baked eggplant

I don't remember :(

Some kind of apple cider drink, very good!

A heated hotpot with veggies.

Cold plate - sashimi (all veggie and all hand-made by the chef)

All wrapped up ready to eat. YUM!!

More soup

Dessert thingy

Burrito thingy :P

Sticky rice

Tea and fruit

To be continued...

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