Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part VIII

So I'm continuing on with posts from my trip to Asia early last year. It's been an year already... need to get them done.

Eighth day in Taiwan, we met up with friend's family for dinner that night. They picked a veggie restaurant not too far away from my place - Veggie Wonderland.

A cute swing outside.



I think we ended up ordering a few different dishes to share and some of them set meals that came with salad, soup and drink.

Starting with some bread and butter.



I had to order cheese sticks when I saw them on the menu, I missed cheese.




Finishing up with some tea

Sorry I don't remember much details about the dishes we ordered, but I do remember them being pretty good. It's somewhere I would not mind going back again.

Friend wanted to find a place to sit and chat after dinner. I guess he thought we should do something other than bubble teas so he took us to Le Blé d'Or Brewery. It's got many locations throughout Taiwan, the one we went to was located in the basement food court of a mall.

I can't really comment on the beer here since I don't drink, but there are a few other things I can say about the place.

1. The place is decorated nicely.

2. They have a small dessert menu and some non-alcoholic drinks. If you are like me.

3. The beer is brewed in Taiwan because it says so on the menu.

4. All the waiters dress in lederhosen (asians in lederhosen, you don't see that everyday)

And finally, 5. The pudding was not very impressive

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