Friday, January 20, 2012

Loving Hut Express

Sorry took a looong break. I have been busy and okay... maybe a little bit lazy too, but I'm back! Happy New Year! And Happy Chinese New Year too!

With the increasing popularity and the numbers of food carts in Vancouver, I'm so very happy to see one that is Vegan :) I have wanted to try Loving Hut for the longest time, I didn't get to go when it was still a storefront on Broadway, and I didn't get to go when I was in Taiwan, not in Japan(I hope to get the travel posts up soon), not in NYC either... So yeah, it's pretty cool to finally try it out.

Loving Hut Express Food Cart in Yaletown by Roundhouse Community Centre.

My friend and I ordered a Reuben Burger(lower center) with Yam Fries and a Crispy Chick'n Burger(upper left)

I thought the portion was pretty good. First time there I had the reuben burger and yam fries, I enjoyed them, the only thing was the fries were pretty soft already by the time I walked home :( Second time back I tried the crispy chick'n burger. My friend who works in Yaletown has been going there a lot and tells me to go for chick'n burger. I have in fact told him to go as often as possible to make sure that the food cart is still in business until I get a chance to go :P But he loves it and he's not even a full-time vegetarian. Like my friend, I would recommend trying crispy chick'n burger for the first time too. It is slightly spicy, the sauce is sweet and spicy but really good! And the patty is totally crispy, just such a great combination!

A little bit closer up of the food.

Loving Hut Express is only open two days a week now until the spring comes, Fridays and Saturdays. Their hours vary depending on the winter weather as well, so best to follow them on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates for their operating hours! :)

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