Friday, September 23, 2011

NYC 2011 - Day 6

Our sixth and last day in NYC. The flight was at 10:30pm that night but we had to check out by 11:00am in the morning, so after checking out we left our luggage with the hotel for 2 dollars a piece. Breakfast was quite easy this time, my friends had requested to have another value meal at Bistro Marketplace. I didn't take any pictures this time.

It was a pretty relaxing day. There was really only one place to visit on today's schedule - American Museum of Natural History. It's funny even though that was the case, we still ended up not having as much time as we would like to see the museum.

Inside AMNH

Gift Shop





and more monkeys!!!

Already 2:30pm or so by the time we decided to leave AMNH and head back to midtown to find something to eat. I thought I would take them to Cafe Ziaya, another one of thr places I used to go often. What I like about them is they have a lot of to go stuff, from rice balls, breads to bento boxes and of course yummy cakes :) I wouldn't say they are very vegetarian friendly, the breads are mostly non-vegetarian, I used to eat their rice balls a lot, but they also have surprisingly good veggie bento boxes here and there.

Cafe Zaiya



Green Tea Frappuccino no whip - goooood!

Riceball - usually there's at least two kinds of veggie ones, seaweed and plum.

Noodle - we got the vegetable soba

My friends picked us up from the hotel after our late lunch and headed over to their place in Queens, hanged out there for a while. It made me think about how crazy the housing price is Vancouver...

There is this vegetarian restaurant in Flushing my friend always took me to, so guess where we went for dinner :P

Boddha Bodai

Saw this at the entrance, pretty interesting



Noodles - my friend ordered a bowl of soup noodles for his son first. He is such a cute and well behaved kid:) And he loves mushrooms, maybe a bit too much that his parents are a bit worried. He also dislikes eating meat and would sometimes spit it out. I thought that was really interesting because I guess most kids are picky about vegetables over meat? So we told our friend that the kiddo is meant to be a vegetarian ;)

Veggie BBQ Pork - this is one of the dishes they're supposedly well known for

Something with 3 kinds of mushrooms. Very good, that's why it disappeared so fast :P

Gai Lan or Chinese broccoli

Sweet & Sour Fish

I don't remember what this is, some sort of mock meat

Something with Taro :P Sorry...

Braised Tofu

Veggie Chicken

Overall it's pretty good but somehow not as good as I remembered. I was glad to eat the veggie BBQ again though, because I haven't seen anywhere else that has it too.

Trips are never long enough, six days passed by quickly and I miss my ny friends! Thank you guys again for everything :)

Airplane meal(Cathay Pacific) - we ordered Indian vegetarian meals. I forgot to take pics of the

It's very good!!

It's funny that without any activity pictures in between the food pictures, it looks like we just had been eating the whole day non-stop from one place to the next :P

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts for the NYC trip. If there's any restaurant info you would like to know more about and can't find it online, let me know :)

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