Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYC 2011 - Day 5

Day 5 was pretty cultured day.

Breakfast started out at Cipriani, right across from Grand Central. I used to pass by it too, but never tried it. I was quite excited to have a chance this time.

Cipriani Le Specialità


Sandwiches - I ordered two of the veggies choices off the sandwich menu. Yummy :)
Brie, Tomato, Basil Baquette

Mozzarella di Bufala, Tomato, Black Olive Baquette

Friend's breakfast

Then we were off to the museum! Subway all the way to uptown.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pretty girl outside of the MET. I didn't take the pic, just found it on my camera :P


First place I wanted to go was to the roof top. It's only open seasonally in the summer time. I've never been up there before either.

Roof Top

View of Central Park

Greek and Roman Galleries

The plan was to spend about 4 hours at the museum, so lunch was to be taken care of at one of the cafes inside. However in reality, there's always something delaying the schedule. We probably only spent less than three hours there, it was way too short to really see anything, but we tried our best.

We were close to the American Wing section around noon, so we thought we would just have lunch here. Also from the online menus, the vegetarian choices looked pretty similar at all the museum cafes.

American Wing

The American Wing Cafe


Lunch - coffee, hot water, yogurt parfait and sandwich(it was good :D)

Bill - (not sure why it says tofu for the sandwich :O)

More walking around the museum~

Bears (looked like Vancouver bears but I checked, not related :P)

Mucha's work (so cool and so different up close)

Egyptian temple

We swung by Guggenheim on our way to the subway, no time to go in but it was still nice to see the outside of it.


Back to Times Square one more time. Before a big group lunch, we came back for a couple stores that we didn't visit the other day because they closed already.

Times Square - I think it's one of the new tour buses in NYC. Everyone's sitting facing the glass side of the bus with the tour guy singing New York, New York... :/

Disney Store (Moved from 5th Avenue. I love Disney, but somehow I remembered the old one was cooler :(..)



Bought a smoothie here :)


My friend made a reservation for 9 people at Tony's DiNapoli. Some of us were a bit late and they wouldn't sit us until our whole party had arrived, but they did hold our table for us.

Tony's DiNapoli



Again we ordered a bunch of dishes to share. I think I might have missed one dish. I wouldn't say they have a lot of vegetarian dishes in particular for an Italian restaurant, but they were very nice about customizing the dishes for us. Very good food too :) And thanks my friend for treating!

Home Made Fettuccini Alfredo

Tri Colore Tortelloni Alfredo

Eggplant Parmesan

Finally, the musical I've been waiting for :) From the list of musicals, we still picked The Lion King, somehow we were not very interested in the newer ones.

The Lion King :)

(One last thing... about the accessories they sell... My friend bought a towel, which I really wanted to get too but didn't. I heard it totally fell apart after one time in the washer.. >_< seems like the quality was not that good...)

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