Monday, September 12, 2011

NYC 2011 - Day 4

We have walked by this place one of the days before, my friends said they would like to eat it for breakfast since it's so close by.

Bistro Marketplace - 125 Park Ave (between 41st St & 42nd St)


Bagel with cream cheese and Omelette Plater(omelette,hash browns and toasts). Lots of food and cheap! I think everything together was less than ten dollars.

We got up very early today, in hope of beating the line at the Ferry to Statue of Liberty. (Thanks to my friend's suggestion again :D) After breakfast we took the subway all the way down to the very south tip of Manhattan.

As soon as we got out of the subway station, rain start pouring down like crazy. Only five minutes walk to the ticketing area and everyone was soaked. We didn't need to exchange tickets so we just stayed till people had their washroom breaks and when the rain died down a bit :P

Battery Park - Statue of Liberty ticketing office

We probably spent less than 20 mins walking through the line and security.

The ferry goes to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Inside ferry

NYC skyline


Back of Statue of Liberty (people always see the front of Lady Liberty, so here's something different :P)

Ellis Island Lunch - Veggie Burger
We had an early lunch, again, to avoid the lunch crowd. I think there's about three vegetarian items on the menu. Pretty fast and friendly service.

Back to Manhattan after Liberty and Ellis Island. Out of Battery Park and started walking towards Wall Street.

Wall Street Bull

Wall Street - NYSE

Ground Zero

A little shopping time in the afternoon at Century 21! A few of us were looking for new shoes and I suggested to buy them here. At the end four pairs of shoes were purchased in total~

Century 21 (It's right beside Ground Zero)

Then we headed east to South Street Seaport. The weather turned completely opposite from the morning, clouds were gone, the sun was out and it got pretty hot... such weird summer weather.

South Street Seaport

Inside - Food Court (some of us at this point were already falling asleep on food court chairs :P)

Brooklyn Bridge - from South Street Seaport (the best I could do with my phone camera~) this is a nice place to relax and enjoy the view.

Not sure what it was, but it's right below us and it looked really cool so I took a picture. Wished I was down there with them.

We walked another ten, fifteen minutes from South Street Seaport to Brooklyn Bridge. If it was up to me, I would have walked all the way to the end of it or at least to the middle, but we only made it almost to the first tower... close enough to take some pics then we headed back down. It's okay, everyone tried their best :)

Brooklyn Bridge

It was almost dinner time already when we got off the bridge. The plan for dinner was to have nyc pizza tonight. Since we didn't make it over the bridge to eat at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, there were three more options to pick from, Lombardi's, Eataly, or Grimaldi's in Manhattan. Our first try was Eatly where we met up with my friend again. The place was packed and for the table settings, it was just not possible to fit a group of seven with all our bags and stuff. The wait was at least an hour too. So we gave up and move on to the next choice. Since we were closer to Grimaldi's we thought we would give it a try. I've actually never tired tried it before. I've had Lombardi's pizza and I really like it :) It is different from Grimaldi's for sure.

We had trouble finding the place in the beginning. We couldn't locate the store number, it just didn't seem to exist on the street. We thought maybe it closed down so my friend called them to make sure they were still in business. Turned out it was inside the church on the street corner from where we had walked passed. It was pretty cool actually once you've figured out where it is.

Grimaldi's Pizza - Outside

At night (The sign wasn't put out when we got there earlier. It was out after we came out from dinner)

There were different stores and restaurants inside the church -
One of the stores inside

Entrance to Grimaldi's


Inside - it's not that big inside but they had enough room to seat us all.

The menu was pretty much just choosing your pizza size and adding the toppings you want. Somehow I missed oven roasted sweet red peppers when I was reading the menu, so I just picked mushroom, sun dried tomatoes and olives for 3 large pizzas. One of them without olives since some of us don't like olives. I've never had their pizza at their original store so I can't say if they taste the same or different, but Grimaldi's is supposed to be one of the best pizzas in NYC. I did enjoy the pizza though and I think everyone else too. I can only say it is different from Lombardi's and I liked both of them.

Pizza 1

Pizza 2

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