Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cafe Medina

A few days before my last day at work, someone that really cares about me at work said I could be treated to Cafe Medina for lunch! Yay for me! :P I actually really wanted to try out their famous home made Belgian waffle but since Medina is right beside my work, I always feel like I could just do it next time and then it never happened. We actualy go for coffee here all the time. But since I don't drink coffee, I would always get their matcha latte. It has a strong matcha flavour but it's not sweet like other places which I like a lot.

Outside of Cafe Medina


Always busy here during meal time, so come a bit early or later to get a seat without waiting for too long.
I was a bit sad that their menu is a lot less veggie friendly than I expected :( But they were very nice about informing me what on the menu could be made vegetarian. I think there are two or three items that could be veggie. I picked Les Merguez.

Les Merguez (veggie version)

I also ordered a waffle!!
Waffle with a topping - Raspberry Caramel :D So good!

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  1. I tried to go there one time.....the line................................. i never even got through the door......

  2. I know, it has become so popular...