Friday, September 9, 2011


A very short post in between my trip posts. I have a lot food pictures from before that I should probably get to before they get way too old...

One of my lunch lunch adventures from a while back, Italian Kitchen 2GO, it's right next to the main restaurant, Italian Kitchen.


Lots of yummy stuff to pick from for a good price! Check out their website, or on Urbanspoon for the scanned IK2GO menu.

My lunch - I honestly don't remember what I got.. but I know it was good and it being just a little over 7 dollars which was crazy. It didn't look like much either but I wasn't able to eat it all.

I think I'm probably the worst food blogger ever, can't remember what I ordered half of the time >__<.. but it's good that I don't exactly review about food, I only tell people where I eat veggie stuff :P Anyways, I liked IK2GO and I will be back again soon!

Italian Kitchen To Go on Urbanspoon

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