Friday, January 28, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part III continued

After a nice long break at Starbucks, it was time to get ready to visit the Pavilion of Dreams. To visit this exhibition, you have to first line up for tickets and then go at the given time shown on your ticket.

Inside - giant mechanical flower

thin metal plate speakers shaped like leaves... very cool

you get an electronic wrist band that help you interact with different things throughout the tour

It was too dark inside and people were moving along fast so I didn't take a lot of pictures. While some of the technology in there were pretty cool and advanced, I felt that they really needed better visual presentations. It would have been even better if the art part was thought through more. This being our last stop, we said bye bye to the Taipei International Flora Expo.

We went to see some friends before heading over to this vegetarian restaurant in Tianmu area.


Veggie Gyoza

Eggplant Dish

Mushroom Hotpot

Red Yeast Tofu - I just love red yeast

Sweet and sour veggie fish

The restaurant was really busy when we were there and it was just a regular Tuesday night. I enjoyed the food. I would say it's probably a little on the pricy side, but being in this neighborhood and for the food you get, it's worth it. I would come back again if I have the chance to.

The day was long but finally it was time to go home. I felt like we did a lot in one day. It's funny how I always felt that I could do a lot more things in a day in Taiwan than in Vancouver. I think it must be because the pace in Taiwan is a lot faster than in Van...

Back to the High Speed Rail Station

7-11 Booth inside the station :)


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