Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part II

Second day in Taiwan, we got up bright and early. Since we knew we would be jet lagged and up early, we thought we should go run off some of the extra calories we took in yesterday. It turned out to be the first and only day we worked out.

I live close by the National Museum of Natural Science(NMNS). There is a large road leading to the museum with nice pedestrian walk space and trees along the way. Even though it's busy with lots of traffic on both sides of the islands, it's always filled with people exercising in the mornings and evenings. We decided to jog along it to the NMNS and back.

Pedestrian Walk

Park and Green House by NMNS

Path towards NMNS

NMNS Entrance

It was time to pick up breakfast on our way back. We went by a couple more traditional Taiwanese breakfast places first and then went by this chained breakfast store to get a egg sandwich.

JSP - my first time here. It was pretty random, I just picked a place close by.

Breakfast time. Egg Cake with Soy Milk

Two Buns and An Egg Sandwich

I don't really remember what we did between the time we had breakfast and lunch. We probably just rested a bit and started eating lunch right after. For lunch, my dad insisted on cooking us a big pot of Chinese medicine based soup with lots of veggie meat balls and pan fried veggie wantons with shredded ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and vinegar as the dipping sauce.


Veggie Wantons - Sorry it was too good I ate a bunch right away and didn't take a pic until I was almost done. I wish we could buy this somewhere in Vancouver.

My sister in law dropped by and gave us some Hot Spring Eggs she picked up from 7-11. It's cooked egg but the yolk is still runny. It's pretty good :)

Afternoon Walk to the Bubble Tea Store. 50 Lan is probably my favourite bubble tea store out of all.

The picture on the counter says 'Oolong Milk Tea with Fen Tiao(flour strings)' I think I must have had six or more of it during my stay. It is just so good...

Tah Dah...

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