Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part III

Got up super early again this day, but not to exercise, but to catch the high speed rail heading north to Taipei. We were meeting up with relatives/friends who we haven't seen in a while that were also back in Taiwan visiting. We decided to meet up at the Taipei International Flora Expo.

High Speed Rail

Transferring to the Taipei Metro

Packed with people >.<

While waiting for our ride, I took a couple pics of my huge mosquito bites from the night before... really wasn't expecting mosquitoes at this time of the year especial it's considered to be a pretty cold winter in Taiwan this year.

I think the expo is divided into four major areas with different exhibitions. We only had time to visit one and we went to Xinsheng Park Area.

Entrance Area

We started with the Pavilion of Future. Not sure why it's called that but it's got some cool plants and it was just packed with people, mostly students too, little studious kids with pens and papers taking down notes for school reports.

Pavilion of Future

Some random pics from inside

It was around noon by the time we walked through the pavilion of future, so we were ready to head over to the food court area for some lunch.

Street full of food stands

I was expecting there would be at least one vegetarian booth since Taiwan is such a vegetarian friend country. To my disappointment, we were only able to find a wrap stand that sells veggie wraps after walking up and down the street.

One for 35NT, Three for 100NT

Veggie Wrap

Some shredded veggies with sauce and peanut powder

I guess the good thing was that the food price was pretty reasonable at an event such as this. Usually the food and drink prices would be raised a lot higher than normal.

Vending machine

Sports drink

After we finished our wraps, we met up with a friend that works at the expo who is also a vegetarian. When hearing that we were only able to get some wraps, he then told us that there was another booth that sells vegetarian stuff but not put on the menu display. So guess what? More food!

Seats full of students

Veggie Meat Ball

Veggie Noodle in Herbal Soup

Kids in uniforms... too cute


Roof Top Path - pretty cool walk with great views

Green building with solar panels and green plants all over the roof top

View of the Grand Hotel

View of the Taipei 101 Building

Taking a break at the Starbucks booth

It was pretty ridiculous how long the line up and wait was. This is the only drink booth in this area. I think we must have waited at least 45 mins to get our drinks.

To Be Continued...


  1. ah I want the Taichung Starbucks mug!!

  2. I know! I forgot to get it before I left >.<

  3. Wow. 45 minutes to get coffee. You are have a lot of patience! :-)

  4. Haha yeah, and I don't even drink coffee...