Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part IV

December 31, last day of 2010, I was busy trying out some outfits all afternoon for a photo shoot in a couple days. My friend from Vancouver just happened to be in Taiwan for her Christmas break as well. This was the first time we met up in Taiwan, it was pretty cool. Before the nights ended, dinner was a must before she headed home that night. It was windy and cold outside that we didn't want to spend time picking places to eat, so we just went into a random restaurant close by. We looked through the menu and they had a couple vegetarian dishes on there and that was good enough for us.

The restaurant was busy, the wait was at least twenty minutes but we figured it was new years eve, all other restaurants must have been full too, so we decided to just wait... unfortunately, it was the wrong decision and turned out to be the longest new years eve dinner for us ever...

A bunch of kids also decided to have their group dinner that night. The restaurant was packed...

Busy Staff

The service was painfully slow as it was a crazy night for them but the staff was nevertheless very friendly. It was too bad the kids that work there were not better trained to handle a busy night like this. We waited at least an hour just to get our appetizer breads and we had to ask for it more than five times. We really wouldn't have if we weren't so hungry and just needed something to chew on.

Inside the restaurant was too dark to take any good pictures. So I've put them all of the food pics together in one big one, sorry about that.

Overall the food here was okay. We ordered three meals, two of them were set meals that came with breads, a salad, a drink and a dessert at the end. We picked pudding and tiramisu for dessert. The pudding was nothing special and the tiramisu was pretty much frozen chocolate. I would say the best thing was the baked pasta. I really wish we could have had a better new years eve dinner experience here. Having a three hour dinner was just not fun at all :(

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