Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company

Lunch with a few old coworkers in Kitsilano a while back. It was a pretty nice day so we walked all the way from Broadway to W1st Ave. They are always so thoughtful when I'm joining for lunch, they would always look up where is veggie friendly for me :) 


It was pretty busy when we got there, maybe sometime before 1. We didn't wait too long, but by the time we ordered and waited for the food, the restaurant pretty much emptied up. 

Playing area for kids :)

There are 4 kinds of veggie pizza on the menu, with 4 of us, we decided just to get all 4 :) It worked out great.

We were all pretty full after. Three guys and one girl, and I'm pretty sure I ate as much as the guys :P I'm trying to remember which one was my favourite but I think I enjoyed all of them, even though some were definitely more flavourful than others. I did remember the one with artichokes slightly more though, it's just because i like artichokes, hehe. I will for sure go back again in the future :)

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