Thursday, June 7, 2012

Japadog (on Robson)

Another short but long overdue post from months ago. I guess Japadog should be something most Vancouverites know about. I have tried it since it was just stand, then they opened store up on Robson Street, and now they're in nyc too. 


I think I got the Terimayo this time with veggie dog. Sorry the upper right one is friend's and it's not a veggie dog but he got the combo with flavoured fries and a pop. I do like the fries and the concept of Japadog but I just wish the veggie dog could be more tasty :P  It's too bad that it's not the best veggie dog I've had. Next time if I go for a Japadog again, I will probably try the sweet one instead :)

Japadog on Urbanspoon

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