Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part XII (Part 2)

Day 12 continues -
At dinner time we split up into two groups. One went for Indian food.

India Palace

From what I heard, the food is good but a bit pricey :)

And I went for some traditional Taiwanese food by Taipei Railway Station

Funny story but this is where my brother and sister-in-law came for their first date. My sister-in-law wasn't a vegetarian then, but she used to go there with her vegetarian friend all the time, so she picked the place and had my brother meeting her here. She told me the story while we waited for our food.

Outside - I think my sister-in-law said this restaurant has been here since forever.



Our dinner - food was pretty decent.

After dinner desserts :P

Meet Fresh Drinks - I believe they are known for their taro balls as it says in their company name(in Chinese). Taro balls are made with mixing taro powder and yam powder.

We got to go drinks -
Floral green tea with taro balls

Milk tea with taro balls

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