Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Estea Beverage Club

This is from a few weeks back when one of our badminton sessions went a little longer than usual and we had to find a place to eat that opens late somewhere in Burnaby. My friend picked Estea.

More pics of inside

There isn't much vegetarian items on the menu but the waitress was nice enough to tell us they can try to make what we want on the menu vegetarian. We ordered the Cheese and Egg Sandwich, the only one without meat. Somehow they had the order wrong, when it came, there was ham inside. After we told them, it was quickly taken back and changed to the right one.

Friend got the spicy cold noodle and they remade the sauce for him.

We got the Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea.

Friend ordered the Passion Fruit Calpis Slush

Took a pic of the bill at the end :P Since a lot of times I can't recall what I've ordered. We thought the drinks and food were good :)

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