Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CHAU Veggie Express

We have been recently told by a friend that there is a new Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant called Chau VeggiExpress opened up in Vancouver.I was very excited to hear about it and wanted to try it out asap. It's just pretty much impossible for vegetarians to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant in my opinion. I've tried going with my coworkers before and always order this one veggie item on the menu and later I found out the sauce on the side is fish sauce... So I just stopped going :( There is actually another vegetarian Vietnamese place I know of, which is located in Burnaby/New Wesminster area, that has been around for a long time, Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House. The thing is it's so far away for me and it seems like every time I'm in the area and wants to eat there, it's always closed for vacation. If you would like to try it out, make sure to check on their website to see if they're open.


Got to go to the EA private screening for Harry Potter that early afternoon :)

Line up outside was crazy after we got out of the movie...

After the movie it was almost dinner time, so we thought we would swing by Chau and try it out.

Some pics of inside.

There's water and cold tea on the counter that you can help yourself out with. I thought the tea was really good and refreshing.

It was still early for dinner. Only two of us eating there, maybe a couple take outs while we were there.

Menu with pics on the wall.

We ordered two meals and two small plates.

Pho Hanoi - Pho... so good.

Com Tofu - I really liked the tofu with pan fried lemongrass on top :) Also the pickled papaya salad.

Crispy Spring Roll and Shredded Bean Curd (I thought they tasted really similar except ones deep fried and the other is wrapped with rice paper.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee ;) (u can have it hot or cold, it's really the same except cold one they give u a glass of ice so you can pour the coffee in, oh and they use JJ Bean Coffee)

Everything... it was a lot of food!

I was very full and enjoyed the meal :) It's too bad it's not a place for a big group to dine out together... I guess maybe when it's like an early dinner. I would definitely go back for more food here!

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  1. you know if their dishes have some onions and garlic?