Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NYC 2011 - Day 2

Our 2nd day in NYC started with riding the subway down to Flatiron building.

Flatiron Building

Getting our morning drinks and food at Caffe Lavazza in Eataly :)


At first I thought there would be hot panini or any panini served there but it turned out there's only coffee and pastries at the cafe and everything else was not opened yet in the morning.

Our breakfast

Got one more :P

Friend's breakfast

After breakfast, walked over to Union Square where there's a outdoor sports gear store we wanted to check out.

A firehall on the way there.

Paragon Sports - we spend so much time here... a lot longer than planned.
Thought this was so adorable!

Subway time again, this time going down to Little Italy from Union Square Station.
No picture taken at Union Square, it was wet and early, nothing cool was going on.

Subway @ Union Square

Little Italy

Mulberry Street

Keep walking down Mulberry to Canal Street and you enter Chinatown, where you can buy souvenirs, lots of stores here.


Vegetarian Dim Sum House was the lunch spot I had planned for. I actually didn't go to Chinatown that much but I have been to this place before. I have to say I thought it was better in my memory...

Vegetarian Dim Sum House



Sweet and Salty Dumplings - this was the first item we received and we thought it was actually pretty good but it was really one of the only two items that tasted good.

Crispy noodles - another item that was not bad but pretty small portion.

Pan Fried Dumplings

Turnip Cakes


We ordered too much food again for the six of us. Almost couldn't finish everything but I guess it was also because some of us didn't want to eat the food anymore >__<

Then we did some quick shopping for souvenirs going west on Canal Street until we hit Broadway and we started heading north.

Some stores we went in or passed by I happened to take pics of...

We walked and shopped until we arrived at Prince Street, then we turned east for a few blocks to Cafe Habana for some afternoon snacks. I don't think we were particularly hungry at this point but I insisted on going there for some Mexican grilled corns. I don't think we have that here in Vancouver so this would be something we have to try while in NYC and yeah, I really wanted to eat it again too :P

Cafe Habana


Yum!! I've been waiting for this for a long time...

My friend told me to look at the napkin :)

I wish there was something like that here in Vancouver. If anyone knows please let me know!
We took subway back north to Astor Place and went east again for a couple blocks and walked around Japan town for a little bit. Noodle places and izakayas around here but not too vegetarian friendly I think. I wonder what happened to Jas Mart?

Then we headed back to Astor Place towards NYU.

Astor Place

Tw Food Cart (saw it on the street)


Cute puppy we passed by

Building right by Washington Square where Will Smith lived in the movie I'm Lengend :P

Washington Square

The weather turned nice in the early evening when we got there, sunny with nice breeze. Our next stop was to my favourite vegetarian restaurant - Red Bamboo. It's just a five mins walk from Washington Square, such a busy little place. We waited about twenty to thirty minutes for two small tables put together for six, hehe. Totally worth the wait in my opinion :P



Vietnamese Roll

Teriyaki Vegetable Stir Fry (I think that's what it was)

Portabella Mushroom Burger with Salad

Soul Chicken Sandwich - this is the reason I love this place so much. It has the best fried veggie chicken I've had. I always remember what my non-vegetarian friend said to me when we ate here, she said she thought it was better than real chicken since real chicken tend to be dry inside and the soy one is not and she really liked it.
I recommend coming here if you are ever in NYC. Their lunch menu is a good deal too by the way :) Try out the Dijon Chicken Cutlet Sandwich. Their website.

Eggplant Parmesan Hero Sandwich - I love eggplant parmesan hero too. you can get it pretty much anywhere in Manhattan which I don't seem to find anywhere here in Vancouver, so I've just been making it myself.

Soooo good...

Carrot Cake

Peanut butter Heaven

After a long day of walking and shopping everyone was exhausted, but there was still one more stop to go. We quickly dropped off things we had bought earlier at the hotel and met up again for our last stop of the day - Times Square.
Crazy crowded as usual... A couple of stores we wanted to visit there have already closed so we just walked around and took pics and videos of Times Square at night :)

Times Square

There is a 24hr Duane Reade by Grand Central on Lexington and 42nd. We went there pretty much every night to get water, snacks and whatever. Have to say it's not the cheapest place to get stuff because of it's location which is understandable but it's just so close. Just want to say if you ever go there or any of the store, just ask them for a card for the discount. The night shift people didn't seem to be too friendly so we never found out about it till a few days in when we went in the day time and the cashier just asked us if we wanted a card for the discount. At first we thought she was just going to scan a random card and put it back but she actually threw the card into our bag for us. We didn't have to fill out any forms or leave any information, which was nice :P

Duane Reade

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