Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grounds For Appeal

Had been going to the same old places for a while, so we started looking up new ones again. A friend suggested a bunch, one of them was Grounds For Appeal. It looked like a nice day for a walk, so we went :)

Counter with baked goods and snacks


It's inside the law society building, lots of seating and nice glass wall.

Before I got there I thought it only had Indian food because my friend said it's Indian, so I was surprised to see the menu for sandwiches and soup on the board and the counter with coffee and baked goods. It was pretty interesting to see the mix, the smell of curry and a cafe setting.

My vegetarian curry with rice and naam bread. I think my curry was mixed vegetables, but I can't quite remember what the other bowl was, I think it was soup. I was too full that I didn't even finish my curry nor touch the other bowl. I had to ask for lids and plastic bag after so I can take them home for dinner.

I think I only saw one or two people ordering sandwiches while we were there :P Pretty much everyone else was eating curry for lunch. Quite a busy place with a long line up, had to wait a little bit but we didn't have problem finding a table. Food was not bad, it was a nice relaxing lunch. I would go back again in the future :)

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