Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spero Spera

On one of those great sunny days in June, enjoying the sun and following it through random streets, we somehow ended up in yaletown. I can't remember what was the other place we were trying to pick between with anymore, but I'm sure glad we decided to stay and try out Sepro Sepra.


It's not that big inside the store plus it was such a nice day, definitely a patio lunch :)

Big Menu Banners right outside the store front.

Picked from two of the three vegetarian crepes on the savory menu.
Spero Frittat


All I can say is that they were both excellent :D Lots of stuffing and the sauce was yum. The price was good, no more expensive than other crepe places and I felt full after too. I would for sure come back here again!

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