Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where to buy vegetarian products Part II

So sorry this took me a while to get to, finally here this is, where to buy vegetarian products Part II. There are quite a few Chinese vegetarian product stores in the greater Vancouver area, most of the ones I know are in Richmond. Whole Vegetarian Food is probably the one I go most often. They have four different locations if you look at their website. I usually go to the one inside crystal mall in Burnaby, but that store is pretty small. If you want a bigger selection of things, I would recommend going to the one in Richmond on Cambie Road. Unfortunately I haven't been to the other two locations, so I can't comment on how they are.

It has been a while since I last visited the stores. The pictures I have taken are from a few months ago last year. They're from the Cambie Road Store.

It's located right across from Aberdeen Centre, next to President Plaza, and there's limited parking right in the store plaza.

Inside -
good selections of Taiwanese vegetarian noodles

Freezer section -
Vegetarian meat products, lots and lots!

Vegetarian snacks, cookies, and stuff

curry blocks, veggie meat powders and drinks

What I got :D

They have both vegan and vegetarian products, just have to check the labels or ask the staff there :)


  1. There is a vegetarian grocery store ( same owner as 3G restaurant) just a block or so away from 3G.

  2. agingteen -
    Thanks for sharing the info! :) I've passed by it many times but have never been in. I will check it out sometimes.