Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Island

Another badminton night, we weren't exactly sure where to go for dinner afterwards. We wanted to change from our usual spot but not too far away either. Beautiful Island ended up to be our pick. We have been there a few times before.

They have a small vegetarian section on the menu. :)

Vegetarian stewed pork intestine & tofu meal (sorry about the translated English name. It's just the veggie version of an usual Taiwanese dish, hence the translation)
- it's bean curds and pickled veggies.

Vegetarian sesame paste noodle. This is pretty good :)

My friends ordered the green tea and red bean slush. It looked really good and they liked it.

They couldn't decide to get the slush or pudding milk tea at first, so we thought we would try the pudding milk tea out for them. It's pretty good too, but a little on the sweet side for me.

Their food is not bad, but the portion is not too big. We finished our food pretty fast, maybe it was because we were really hungry after exercise. Their bubble tea is decent too. Not a huge vegetarian selection, but enough to pick something from. Friendly service and pretty fast, but one of our friend's food took a long time to cook. She didn't get her meal until everyone else was almost done with theirs. Overall, it's a nice little Taiwanese bubble tea restaurant. I wouldn't mind coming back again for some late night dinner and bubble tea after badminton.

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