Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part VI

I don't really remember what I did this day. I assume nothing particularly interesting happened that's why I can't recall. I do have pictures of what I ate that day though ;)

Lunch or Brunch -
I wanted to have noodles from a close by vegetarian restaurant.

Noodle Stand

Menu on the wall

Veggie meat rice

My sesame paste noodles :)

herbal soup from another place

Dinner -
Beans and veggie balls (forgot what they are called)

Daikon and vegan karasumi (I know the chinese name for karasumi but I've never actually looked up how it is made until I was looking for its English name. Now I kinda wish there was another name for the vegetarian version) My aunt is a vegan, she bought this over for us. It's one long piece in the package, when you cook it, you cut it up into small pieces and pan fry them. Very tasty stuff :D and they go so well with cut up daikons.

Veggie squid. They are different from the ones I had before, but still good.

It's soft inside whereas the other ones were more chewy.
Crispy outside and soft inside!

Cut up veggie patties.

My parents friend, who is a retired chef, made us a bag of veggie Zong Zi :)



  1. Hey VeggieMonkey

    Not sure where you live in Taiwan, but in Kaohsiung and Taipei (which I don't think is where you live cuz u took the HSR), there's a few really impressive vegetarian buffets.

  2. I live in TaiChung :) Which are the ones you recommend?

  3. This one:

    And this one!!

    I live in 高雄, so I know that area a bit more =)

  4. I will for sure try them out next time I'm back in Taiwan :D thanks!!!