Monday, February 14, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part V

First day of 2011, it didn't particularly feel like new years day. It was just business as usual, all the stores were open and people were doing their regular everyday stuff.

Started the morning out at 85°C. They are known for their baked goodies at affordable prices. They also have this Sea Salt Coffee. It's quite interesting because you expect it to be salty, and well, it is, but when you order it, they ask you how sweet you would like it to be. So it is actually sweet with a bit of saltiness.

Yummy Cakes...

Seats outside.

Headed to the mall and a near by supermarket for some shopping.
There was a book sale at the mall.
Just something I came across while browsing through piles and piles of books...

At the supermarket.
I needed to get this for the photo shoot. It was funny when I saw the packaging I just had to take a picture and share. It's 1/10th of the price of the real thing, but probably only good for a couple times of use and that's good enough for me :P
un bra

Nu bra

Lunch - Quick home cooked meal by dad :)

Rest of the afternoon was relatives visiting. Then it was time to visit my favourite local bakery!

It's just a few blocks away from where I live.

Everything here is vegetarian. They have what you can usually get at Taiwanese bakeries but made with veggie ingredients. I wish there was one here in Vancouver...

Veggie Burger :)

My brother suggested that I drop by this fried mushroom stand on my way home.

Menu for different types of mushroom, there's also yam fries and regular fries.

I got three bags of mixed mushrooms.

So gooooood... crispy... :D

A late night run to the 7-11 to get some sports drinks for some electrolytes for people who were getting sick.

How cute is this, Sponge Bob! I didn't try it though, only took a picture.

Cousin brought over a big box of puddings!

So the day wrapped up with yummy silky puddings ;)


  1. Hi。。where is the vegetarian bakery in kaoshiung? any address pls?
    my emil:

  2. Hi there, you mean the one in this post right? It's in Taichung actually. Address is 台中市北區大德街111號 (04)22050616
    google map:
    it's either 金城 or 名埔 as they have changed their name.