Saturday, December 11, 2010


Last minute decision to join another group of coworkers for lunch, all I heard was 'pizza, let's go' and we were off. The whole time walking there on Pender Street I was thinking that we were going to go to one of the cheap pizza places for a quick bite. After we passed by a couple of them, I started to wonder where we were heading, then we stopped in front of Goldies.

When we got there, the tables were all taken, so we had to wait for a while for people to leave and had a couple tables put together for our group. The place is not too big, I would say somewhere between two to four people would fit comfortably.

I don't think they have just waiters that work there, it seemed like they have people multitasking, both working at the kitchen and taking orders. Not that their service was bad or unfriendly but it was a bit slow and confusing because of that.

Here are some pictures of the menu.

I was so happy when I saw their menu. Even though it was just a piece of menu on both sides, there were a lof of veggie options on there. It took me a while to pick two out, finally decided on the pesto pine nut and spinach feta pizza. The thing about ordering pizza by slices is that you never know what size you would end up with. I mean they try to cut ever slice evenly but in reality there's always the bigger and smaller slices. Not that I was complaining because I got one of the bigger slices :p but now that I look at the pictures again, maybe it was my friend whose slice was smaller than others...

Pesto Pine Nut and Mushroom Lovers

Pesto Pine Nut and Spinach Feta

I really enjoyed the pizza and even though it was all thin crust, I was quite full after one and a half slices. I couldn't finish my bigger slice so I had to take it home. A slice of pizza ranges from 3 to 3.50, it is a lot more than other places but I think it is worth it. And if two can fill me up for lunch around seven dollars, that's a pretty good deal. I would definitely come back to try out other pizza flavours and their other vegetarian items on the menu :)

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