Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's funny how it's always so difficult to pick a place for lunch at work. Even if everyone's easy on what to eat, it is still a challenge everyday. This day is pretty much like any other one, we tried picking a place to eat on our way to meet up with a friend at Gastown and we managed to agree to go for Indian food at Sitar.

Sitar is on Powell Street, just a few steps away from the Gassy Jack statue in Gastown. It's more of a fine dining restaurant and more pricy lunch.

Not a huge veggie section, but still quite a few to choose from.

Menu - Veggie Section

Papadum. I love these crispy crackery breads. They came before the meals.

We had three people ordering veggie stuff that day :) my friends got the mixed vegetable curry and palak paneer and I got the okra curry. I love okras. But I guess it's sort of like eggplants, not for everyone, not everyone likes soft and gooey food.

Rice that came with the curry.

Palak Paneer

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Okra Curry

The food is pretty good at Sitar but it also costs a bit more at lunch and might take a bit longer too. If you are not in a rush for lunch or want to have some good Indian food downtown, this is a good place to come. I have been here many times and I would definitely be back again in the future.

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