Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baan Wasana

It's my second time at Baan Wasana. My first visit was enjoyable so I thought it would be nice to have another lunch gathering there when my friends decided to meet up around Kerrisdale area for coffee.

Their service is friendly, but I actually didn't get to know about their veggie menu until the second time there. First time we just asked to have veggie versions prepared and the second time we mentioned we are all vegetarians and the waitress came back with the veggie menu and told us instead of the regular oyster sauce, they use mushroom sauce. It's always great to see a separate vegetarian menu and feel loved :D

veggie menu

my pad thai

friends' thai iced tea and pad ke mao

Everyone enjoyed their food and the meal portions are pretty large too. The place is not big but both times we were able to get seating for 4 or more people at the back no problem. Nice to have the back area to ourselves but the downside is it's by the kitchen and it gets very hot. It's definitely a nice little restaurant to dine at when you are in Kerrisdale. I will come back again for more veggie thai food for sure.

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