Monday, January 13, 2014

Ramen Sanpachi

Ramen Sanpachi has been on my to-visit list for a while now. Ever since I heard about my friends going there for the veggie ramen I have been waiting to go try it out. Ramen could be considered to be a pretty simple dish in the sense that it's easy to put together, but the prep work is where the skill lies. The most important ingredient is the soup base which takes a long time to cook up and that's usually never vegetarian, so ramen places are known to be not vegetarian friendly. I'm very glad to be a vancouverite that almost all types of restaurants now offer some kind of vegetarian option here.

My sister in law was back in town and we were meeting up for lunch with a pregnant friend who out of the choices of ramen, thai and others, picked ramen :), so sanpachi we went. It was pretty quiet inside when we got there, just us and one other table. 

We all ordered the same thing, which is the only veggie ramen option on the menu and the soup base is made of veggie stock. We also added an egg to the ramen. I enjoyed my ramen, so did the other two ladies. There really aren't that many veggie ramen to compare with, or at least from what I have had, but I would still have to say it was just alright. However I'm really glad they have the option and hope to see more and try in the future.

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