Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waffle Gone Wild

I thought I have finished this and posted it already but apparently it has been sitting in my saved posts for months... So back in May I took my sis-in-law, niece and Korean twin sis to Waffle Gone Wild using this voucher I bought online. Everyone was busy on different days and finally we decided to go on a Tuesday, which I was wondering to myself at the time why I felt we couldn't agree on a day when Tues was wide open. And when we got there, I remembered why... they are closed on Tuesdays... I have checked their website before but after a bunch of rescheduling I forgot about their day-off. So we had to go back again the next day.

Clean and cozy inside. We picked the sit by the end wall. The owner was very friendly and helpful that she kept coming by to ask if we needed any help and also explained to us what was included and not included on the menu with the voucher. For drinks we decided on getting two matcha latte, one hot chocolate and a bubble tea. 

For waffles we got strawberry, banana nutella, and one with ice cream, also a savory one with apple and cheese. We get to have one free add-on to each of our waffles. What we actually wanted was ice cream but I ordered mochi ice cream instead of real scoops of ice cream :( Somehow I misread mochi ice cream for matcha ice cream. But waffles were still yummy and mochi ice cream was good as always. We had a fun time enjoying our food and drinks and chatted away like we were the only table there. We will for sure come back again for more waffles and girl dates :)

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