Thursday, May 3, 2012


Nirvana is one of the restaurants that I have been curious to check out. Sometimes things just don't happen unless a series of things happen to line up at the right time. So it just happened that my friend has recently moved into that neighborhood and had time for lunch and I was given an entertainment book with a coupon for Nirvana, so we thought it was a good time to go try it out.

Nirvana Outside
Across the street
Window view

Menu and my coupon :P
Lunch Menu
There's a veggie section on the lunch menu. It's not very big but I guess enough for us to pick two things off.

Veggie section
Friend ordered Chai Tea.
Yay papadum <3 This is what I look forward to when going for Indian food :P
We ordered Palak Paneer and Vegetable Jalfrezi. The curries come with rice. We though the food was decent, but the curries did not have as much flavour as we liked.  It was a pretty quiet weekday lunch. I think We were the only two people there for a while, then another table of people came in. Overall it was a nice relaxing lunch with my friend and I'm glad I get to try the restaurant out :)

Palak Paneer and Vegetable Jalfrezi

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