Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I have been to Faubourg a couple of times now. First time was a meet up with my girl friends. Some of us had high tea, some just had brunch. The second time I got to try my own set of afternoon tea :) Faubourg is located in Kerrisdale where in the same area there's at least other two high tea places close by.

The first time there I got confused about where to go. When my friends and I went in we only saw the front where the public sitting area is. We know our friend made a reservation but we didn't know how it worked because it just looked like random sitting to us, then finally after a couple minutes of confusion we saw the back enclosed section. It was not what I expected but I guess it was cute in it's own way even though it wasn't the most comfortable sitting given the limited small space.


Back area with reserved seatings



Friend's side of veggie

My veggie omelette

Veggie Open face sandwich

Afternoon Tea

Veggie set

Tea - herbal tea

They have a sharing policy of paying extra 5 dollars if you are not ordering anything and just sharing the afternoon tea set, which I didn't really like. Other than that the food is pretty good. I enjoyed the tea and desserts as well. However I thought the vegetarian sandwiches were not as good as the ones I had at Secret Garden, they were really the same ingredients as the open face sandwich we had. Secret Garden had more varieties. By the way, you will need to notify them if you are planning to have vegetarian high tea set when you call to make a reservation. I think if I go again I will just sit in the front area and try out their pastries :) They do look very gooood...

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