Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bob Likes Thai

This is from a Friday night a while back. We were craving for some Thai food and my friend that lives on Main Street, just a few blocks away from then still a relatively new restaurant, kept mentioning to me about how she's been having it like five days a week. It made me wanted Thai food even more. So a few of us met up there one friday night after work.


It was pretty full already when we got there. They had to put some smaller tables together for our group to sit.


Eventhough not exactly shown on the menu, but they've got all the usual Thai dishes that they can make veggie for you. We decided to go with the typical ones and ordered the veggie green curry with rice and veggie pad thai.

Green Curry - with banboo shoot and eggplant

Pad Thai

Their food is decent and price is pretty good for dinner too but I have to say the portion is not that big. I remember I wasn't really full after my meal, but that's just me :P

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