Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shizen Ya

I was looking through my food pictures and realized I've missed quite a bit of things from a while back :( Probably about time to have them posted up. A while ago, I think it was one of those rare winter sunny days, I took a nice walk and visited a cute little restaurant on Hornby Street.

I remember Shizen Ya was one of the vegetarian friendly restaurants that popped up when I was searching for vegetarian restaurants downtown. It was added onto my list of restaurants I need to try out in downtown :P


Menu (You can also check out their menu on their website Shizen Ya) It looks like they have added a lot more vegetarian stuff :)

Spinach Gomaae - one of my friend's favourite, so we would usually always get it if we go for Japanese food.

Green Roll - this is interesting, it's just all veggies wrapped in seaweed without rice. Very light and refreshing :)

I looked through the menu before I went so I was pretty looking forward to the spinach curry (spinach and chic peas with brown rice) The portion wasn't big but it was quite filling with chic peas and rice. The taste was a lot lighter than I expected and it wasn't really like curry texture, it was sort of watery but it was pretty good.

I liked how their food tasted really healthy and light. As I said, it seems like they've added a few more vegetarian items on the menu since I last visited, so I plan to go back and try more things out soon :)

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  1. just FYI...a lot of Japanese restaurants use dashi in the preparation of gomae thus making it not vegetarian....

  2. yeah thanks, I will for sure ask and watch out for it next time :)