Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ali Shan Restaurant (Crystal Mall)

This Taiwanese restaurant is pretty small so I would recommend avoiding the crowds so you don't have to wait to get a seat. It's funny that one of the big reasons why I like this place a lot is because there was this waitress who's really polite, but I don't think she works there anymore. But the biggest reason we keep going back is that they have very good food for pretty good prices and they can make a lot of things on their menu vegetarian.

We would always get the Soy Bean Hotpot. It is vegetarian but the dipping sauce has garlic in it so if you don't like that, I think you can just ask them to give you some plain hot sauce. The hot pot comes with a bowl or rice and has plenty of good stuff in it. It is really a big yummy meal for under 7 dollars. We usually get the Hawaiian fried rice too but this time we felt like trying something new so we ordered the Japanese Style Curry Fried Rice Omelette with no meat.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures before we digged in. After the first few bites I remembered I wanted to start writing a food blog, but like this time, I always forget to take pictures. So I just thought I should take pictures anyway as a start.

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Ali Shan (Urban Spoon)

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