Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon out with my girl friend carpet shopping at Winners. It was an early afternoon, not exactly meal time but neither of us had food yet so we thought we should find a place to eat around 8th Ave and Cambie area. We didn't walk too far to stop in front of Rasoee to look at their big menu outside, we actually didn't know that it was an Indian restaurant at first.

While we stood outside contemplating whether to give it a try, looking to see if they have vegetarian dishes and trying to look up for ratings on our phones, someone came out to talk to us and handed us full menus to look at, and asked if we would like some samples of their food. First she asked if we wanted to try some butter chicken, then we told her we're vegetarians and she went in and came out with some chic pea curry for us :)


I ordered Chic Pea Curry, regular. (They also gave us each a voucher for a free small bites next time.

My friend ordered Sweet Pea Curry, regular, vegetable samosa and steamed Chai Tea Latte.

They have very nice friendly service. The food was in good portion and I enjoyed it. All the time we were there we would see them going outside to talk to people, show them menus and give out samples. One of them came by to ask if I needed a glass of water since I didn't order any drinks, I thought that was nice. I would come back for sure if I'm in the area again next time :)

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